Our patented formulas and technologies produce a uniquely smooth consistency across our entire icing portfolio. This results in high-yield performance, outstanding appearance and a deliciously silky mouthfeel.

Drizzling, coating or dipping glazes give baked goods the final touch they deserve. And with maximum yield, extended shelf life, freeze-thaw stability, translucent appearance and delicious flavor, glazes really shine. Our specially formulated glazes provide the perfect seal to keep donuts, cakes and pastries fresh while giving the shiny, translucent appearance consumers expect. With various viscosities, flavors and sheens, our high quality, high yield glazes are the key to your delicate fruit tart, irresistible pastry, elegant miroir cake or decadent donut.

From decadent syrups to delicate chocolate pieces, CSM Ingredients provides toppings to adorn any product. By transforming your baked goods into works of art, our toppings are designed to create an irresistible finishing touch that consumers cannot resist. With easy to use coatings, irresistible syrups and a wide range of decorettes, sugars and sprinkles, CSM Ingredients has all you need to turn your dessert into an experience. Intentionally designed and crafted with quality ingredients, our chocolate pieces heighten the look and taste of your bakery case while our sugars serve as the perfect finishing flavor on your pastry.