Masterline is the only companion brand in pastry that’s focused on the exacting needs of the contemporary artisan baker. We understand the challenges of running a business in a time-constrained world while striving to respect time-honored traditions and techniques. That’s why every product in our complete assortment of margarines and pastry ingredients has been carefully developed to perform consistently, providing the quality our customers demand.

Successful businesses expand and evolve, but they don’t have to compromise. Masterline products are a pleasure to work with, and they provide superior results every time.

MeisterMarken (Deutsch)

MeisterMarken is a brand with a long-standing tradition. Since 1910, we have been experts in accompanying artisanal bakeries. Our goal is to inspire bakers with a comprehensive product portfolio, ranging from pastry mixes to margarines and bakery fats. We also offer a broad spectrum of services for artisan bakeries. In a time-constrained world, customers rely on our high-quality products to deliver the best possible results.

Ulmer Spatz (Deutsch)

The irresistible aroma and texture of perfectly baked bread begins with a baker’s passion for craftsmanship. That is why bakers have turned to Ulmer Spatz for quality bread ingredients for more than 150 years.

Today, Ulmer Spatz combines the regional knowledge, flavors and techniques represented by CSM Ingredients heritage bread brands – Agivega from Italy, Arkady from the United Kingdom, Debco from Belgium, Catherine from France, and Panibon from Portugal – to offer a proven portfolio of quality bread ingredients backed by comprehensive selling strategies under one brand. Known as a trusted partner, Ulmer Spatz provides contemporary ideas and time-tested, artisanal ingredients that help passionate bakers around the world create unique and delicious breads for their customers.

Waldkorn (België – Nederlands, Belgique – Français, France – Français, International – English, Nederland – Nederlands)

Waldkorn is the bread brand for those who appreciate craftsmanship and enjoy an authentic taste. With a wealth of experience and a deep respect for tradition, the Waldkorn baker selects a special blend of delicious grains and seeds for each variant. At Waldkorn, we believe that good taste deserves time. Our bakers invest time to bake with passion and attention to detail, and all ingredients are given the time to grow and mature.