The irresistible aroma and texture of perfectly baked bread begins with a baker’s passion for craftsmanship. That is why bakers have turned to Ulmer Spatz for quality bread ingredients for more than 150 years.

In 1859, the founders chose the name Ulmer Spatz, meaning the sparrow of Ulm, inspired by the legendary bird that signifies resourcefulness and skill, and setting a solid foundation for a timeless brand dedicated to its chosen craft. Since then, Ulmer Spatz has shaped the bread industry by consistently providing quality breads, building expertise and partnering with bakers to craft success.

Today, Ulmer Spatz combines the regional knowledge, flavors and techniques represented by CSM’s heritage bread brands – Agivega from Italy, Arkady from the United Kingdom, Debco from Belgium, Catherine from France, and Panibon from Portugal – to offer a proven portfolio of quality bread ingredients backed by comprehensive selling strategies under one brand. Known as a trusted partner, Ulmer Spatz provides contemporary ideas and time-tested, artisanal ingredients that help passionate bakers around the world create unique and delicious breads for their customers.