Press releases
28 March 2024


March 26th, 2024 – CSM Ingredients – a global player in research, innovation and production of food ingredients, part of the Ingredient-Tech Platform together with HIFOOD, Italcanditi Group and Parker Food Group – has launched Generate, its new incubator of innovative food concepts and business models that aims to bring added value to the industry.

The new Brand will specialize in cultivating innovative concepts for the food business aligned with the Ingredient-Tech Platform’s main driver: supporting the sustainable evolution of the industry.

"As an Ingredient-Tech Platform, we are committed to helping shape the future for generations to come. How so? By incubating innovative ingredient systems and break-through business models thanks to our open innovation network which comprises of incubators, innovation centers, and partnerships with startups and universities" declared Aldo Uva, CSM Collective CEO.

"As an incubator, Generate was conceived to offer not just products, but also insights, innovation, and unwavering support to our clients, both in the artisan and in the industry worlds.” Explained Christian Sobolta, CSM Group Managing Director “The first application of the brand will be a vegan snacking range developed specifically to allow traditional German bakeries and corner stores to expand their product offering, thus securing additional revenue streams. The potential of this business concept is such that we aim on expanding to other countries soon, including France, Italy and the UK."

With an increasing number of vegans and vegetarians in the country, and over half of consumers who identify as flexitarians, Germany was selected as the first country to launch the Generate brand. In order to leverage the huge potential of the Plant-Based sector, CSM Ingredients worked on developing a new product range specifically designed to support German artisan bakers in expanding their business through a large portfolio of ready-to-sell, plant-based tasty snacks, including Sauces and alternatives to Frikadelle, Schnitzel and Steak.

"The way we eat is changing rapidly," said Stefan Brehm, CSM Group CCO DACH, BNLX, CEE & Nordics "Through diet and conscious food choices, consumers want to do good for themselves and for the Planet. Plant-based foods are becoming the new norm and are therefore an incredible opportunity for artisan bakeries to re-establish their role as the go-to store for daily purchases. With our Generate plant-based snacking range, we want to support bakers and traditional stores in keeping up to date with modern consumption trends and expanding their business even more“.

In particular, the new Plant-Based Snacking portfolio is flexible and customizable, allowing bakers to adapt their plant-based range to the needs of their business and the wishes of their customers. In order to offer a complete plant-based snack menu, each artisan will be able to leverage the “modularity” of the range, mixing and matching the various elements as they prefer: artisans just need to select a baked good from the wide range of bread rolls, add a sauce, a plant-based product and a topping such as salad, vegetables or sprouts - and an excellent vegan snack is ready to be served. This offering aims to target not just vegan and vegetarian consumers, but also flexitarian and curious customers who fancy something new. The support is 360 degrees: CSM Ingredients will, in fact, offer both training and consultancy to artisans on how to best promote the new snacks and develop promotional materials.

After the initial launch in Germany, the Generate Plant-Based Snacking range is set to expand to other European markets, including Italy, France, and the UK.