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22 January 2024

At the fair, the two companies – part of the Ingredient-Tech Solutions Platform – showcase their latest product innovations.

The focus is on clean-label, lactose-free, vegan and protein options, without compromising on taste.

Rimini - January 18, 2024 – CSM Ingredients – a global player in the research, innovation and production of food ingredients – and Italcanditi Group – an Italian company leading in the production of fruit-based solutions, creams and preparations for yogurt and ice cream, candied fruits and marron glacé – participate at the SIGEP fair (Rimini, Italy, January 20-24 – booth 142, pavilion C7) with a wide range of solutions designed to address the key industry trends, including Health and Nutrition, Clean Label, Sustainability and Indulgence.

The joint participation of CSM Ingredients and Italcanditi Group arises not only from their belonging to the Ingredient-Tech Solutions Platform – a group of companies aiming to support the evolution of the food ecosystem – but also from the desire to provide visitors with a complete view of the solutions offered for the pastry, bakery, and ice cream sectors, solutions which meet the latest trends and consumer demands.

“The joint participation of the two companies at SIGEP represents a great milestone for as, a testament to the synergies we are creating between CSM Ingredients, Italcanditi Group, HIFOOD and Parker Food Group.” Ha dichiarato Aldo Uva, CEO of the Ingredient-Tech Solutions Platform Indeed, the aim of our collective is to bring more and more added value to our clients, and the innovative solutions we will be presenting at Rimini are a great example of this”.

Frédéric Trombert, CCO EU & International of CSM Ingredients, then explained “From protein bread and croissants to clean-label leavening mixes and lactose-free certified margarines, all of the products we will be presenting at SIGEP 2024 were specifically designed to find the right balance between taste, well-being and environmental sustainability.”. Among these, in particular:

● Artefrutta, a new brand of candied and semi-candied fruits dedicated to pastry professionals, a high-quality line which responds to the Indulgence trend by offering products with a rich and intense flavor, thanks to careful raw material selection and particular candying processes which preserve all the nutritional properties of the original fruit.

● Protein Bread, a blend that allows the creation of tasty and protein-rich bread and other baked goods (about 15 grams of protein per 100 grams of bread), meeting the demand for Health and Nutrition.

● Prestige Natur, the innovative clean-label leavening mix made only with natural flavors and without emulsifiers or other additives. It is customizable with the addition of other ingredients and ensures prolonged freshness and softness of the finished product.

There are also solutions specifically designed for intolerant or vegan consumers, such as the Braims and Masterline lines of lactose-free* certified margarine and the 100% vegetable cream with a neutral and delicate taste, Pati Whip Multi-Use, ideal for replacing dairy cream and creating vegan products.

Italcanditi Group, instead, will be presenting a vast range of solutions for the world of ice cream, developed by the Gelato Business Unit, which includes the brands Comprital, La Preferita and Rubicone:

● To meet the growing demand for take-away ice cream, Comprital presents the "Dolce Asporto" bases, which offer both technical features such as optimal workability at room temperature to easily produce ice cream cakes, sticks, tubs and artisanal bon bons, and an optimal structure of the finished product, allowing immediate consumption straight out of the freezer.

● To satisfy the continuous search of new flavors and unexpected textures, belonging to the Indulgence trend, a new Crumble line was developed by Rubicone, allowing to add different inclusions with original formulations and a rich variety of flavors to ice cream.

● Finally, to respond to the increasing focus on Health and Nutrition, Comprital offers multiple solutions that combine taste and naturalness, from classic bases (Giubileo line) to complete bases (Speedy Trilogy), up to the latest innovation, the Pure Vegan line: vegan, naturally lactose-free and with a clean label.

At SIGEP 2024, Italcanditi Group will also present solutions belonging to its Fruit Business Unit, namely two high-quality Vitalfood branded lines: the semi-candied Delifrù selection, offering a wide range of fruits deriving from selected raw materials processed with a cold semi-candying process which preserves and enhances the organoleptic properties of the original fruit, and the Confetture Special 50, an increasingly extensive range of multi-use jams with a high percentage of Italian fruit, for professionals who want to combine ease of use with the highest quality of finished products.

"In developing our products, we always start from the real needs of customers and consumers to create concrete and targeted solutions," explained Ernesto Di Pietro, CEO of Italcanditi Group. "SIGEP is the perfect opportunity not only to present our product innovations but also to engage with our historic customers as well as with new partners, both Italian and international. The consumption of artisanal ice cream has recently grown in geographical areas different from the traditional ones: our goal is to continue growing in regions where our group is already present and, at the same time, enter new markets."


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