Promoting biodiversity: Ancient Grains

Recent tendencies in the agricultural sector point to monoculture farming as being more productive.

However, many customers look for products with specific qualities. We aim to address this need through our Ancient Grains product range.

About the project

15 years ago, CSM Ingredients (at the time CSM Bakery Solutions) pioneered the use of ancient grains, by contracting farming little-known crops like Emmer, Einkorn and Ancient Rye.


Since the launch of our first product in 2008, we have strengthened our expertise and know-how, to the point where we now sell 6 different Ancient Grains together with our partners in Austria.


Today, CSM Ingredients is offering a unique product range of more than 30 products for different markets and channels in Europe and the rest of the world.

In 2021, we unveiled Gold Khorasan, a wholemeal product with a 60% mix and a high ancient grain content, our first product launch as part of the CSM Ingredients Ancient Grains initiative.


We also renewed Hildegard von Bingen Brot, one of the oldest breads in the

Ancient Grains portfolio. Its renewal included higher ancient grains mix also featuringa cleaner ingredients list.