Dairy and diary free solutions

Dairy Yogurt & Plant-based alternatives perfectly fit consumers’ appetite for indulgence, healthy eating and sustainability.

Feeding people is not only about filling their stomach, but also about fitting their appetite for indulgence, healthy eating and sustainability.

With over 20 years’ experience in dairy & plant-based yogurts, CSM Ingredients brings you the perfect blend of traditional expertise and innovative products.

Thanks to the work from our global network of innovation centers, hubs and development centers, we offer you tailored solutions to fit your needs:

  • Patented process and expertise in the stabilization of proteins present in the white mass to give you high-quality plant-based alternatives to yogurt
  • Yummy fruit fillings for dairy and plant-based applications. Our expertise lies in the fruit combination, in our in-depth knowledge in flavours and in the masking of off-flavours of the base (if any).
  • Enrichment in nutrients such as calcium and vitamins
  • Up to 100% fruits and no sugar-added variants
  • Suitable to conventional as well as organic needs