Fine Pastry Solutions

Discover CSM Fine Pastry Solutions for delicious fine pastry goods and viennoiseries.

As a baker, pastry chef or industrial you know that premium products can add these extra shine, taste, color and texture that will contribute to turn your creation into a delicious experience.


Pastry mixes

Thanks to our vegan, sugar reduced,

high fiber, range of mixes, you can be sure to create consistent, delicious pastries every time.



Our extensive line of fillings includes custard creams, fruit-based fillings, nut and seed-based fillings, croquant, non-dairy creams, bechamel mix and more.

Whether you’re baking cakes, pies, fine pastries or savory dishes, trust CSM teams to commit to offer you the tailored solution your creation deserve.



With various viscosities, flavors and sheens, our high quality, high yield coatings and glazes are the key to your delicate fruit tart, irresistible pastry, elegant miroir cake or decadent donut.

  • Our specially formulated glazes or vegan egg-wash alternative give that appealing shiny, translucent appearance to your baked goods while fitting your specific requirements, such as freeze-thaw stability.
  • Our miroir range will give an elegant shine as well as a delicious silky mouthfeel to your fine pastry cakes and entremets.
  • Our range of fondants, icings, frostings & fudge delivering the right consistency for drizzling, coating or dipping and a delicious flavor will add a finishing touch and decadent mouthfeel to your cakes, éclairs, donuts, cupcakes and many more


Toppings & decoration

From decadent or technical syrups to delicate chocolate décor pieces, CSM Ingredients provides toppings and inclusions to adorn your works of art, and add finishing touch.