Natural Added Value Ingredients

Improve your food and beverage products with our Natural Added Value Ingredients for better taste, texture, proteins and fibres level, with less environmental impacts and production costs.

Beyond taste, quality, safety, and convenience, consumers now also want processed food to be nutritious, healthy and sustainable.


Hi-food brings you the perfect blend of plant-based, clean label ingredients and innovative products.


Every product in Natural added value ingredients is designed to meet the needs of a particular market segment.

Our portfolio includes gluten-free ingredients, egg substitutes, plant-based proteins, fat reducers and replacers, vegetable fibres, and many more.


Whether you want to differentiate yourself, improve, reformulate, reduce or substitute ingredients in your products, our Natural Added Value Ingredients will meet your client’s expectations.  


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Hi-Food by CSM Ingredients was founded in 2012 in Parma, in the heart of the Italian “Food Valley”, by a group of entrepreneurs specialised in the natural ingredients.


Thanks to our excellent track record in natural ingredients such as new fibres, proteins, gluten-free nucleuses, clean label and plant-based systems, we are the ideal partner for conventional and disruptive food industries (traditional bakery, gluten-free, gastronomy, sauces, fillings, desserts, ice creams, beverages and new plant-based foods).

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